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26.09.2017 |General Assembly Meeting (M12)

General Assembly Meeting will take place during 4th – 5th October 2017 in Genoa, Italy. The GA meeting will be hosted by RINA Consulting and project partners will present their Work Packages progress achieved so far and plans for the next 6-month period. Part of the meeting will also be an exploitation workshop held by FENIX TNT and Demo sites overview and planning.

03.07.2017 |EENSULATE project as a part of the E2VENT Cluster projects

The information about EENSULATE project was published on the E2VENT project website in the section Cluster project. Custer is a group of projects which have the same topic and are heading to the same goal. EENSULATE project’s, as well as E2VENT project's main aim, is to develop an energy efficient façade systems for the refurbishment of existing buildings. 
E2VENT presents an innovative technology based on smart heat recovery units and latent heat thermal energy storage which are going to be integrated into the ventilated façade cavity. 

Find out more about E2VENT on the project website:

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